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The Bolton Camera Club meets weekly throughout most of the year and gives a very warm welcome to visitors and new members. We have been sharing a passion for photography since 1884 and are more than happy to share with you, whether your interest is in film or digital, audio visual or more technical aspects of photography. 

The first of two rounds of our Audio Visual competition took place on Thursday 27 April, and we were delighted to welcome John Smith and Jill Bunting back to the club to judge the sequences. John is a Past President of the L&CPU and together they were the Editors of the RPS “AV News” magazine for a number of years.

The first of our 10 AV sequences was “Below the Streets of Prague” which both John and Jill said contained many very good pictures, but they felt that some of the changes of images were not in time with the music.

The second sequence was “Ice Cream” which the judges said was a very clever idea, and a good use of reverse time lapse photography.

Next on show was “Manchester, Centre of Graffiti” which both John and Jill said was very interesting, and a very good choice of music. They agreed it was “different” and contained some very good images. The voice-over worked well and gave the audience a message.

The sequence “Northumberland, Sand Sea and Birds” was shown, and John and Jill said was very well put together, and they liked the music and the good sounds of the birds. They liked the humour at the end, and agreed there were many excellent images in this sequence. John commented on the very effective way the waves were made to appear moving.

The sequence “On Location - Bolton” was considered to have been very well researched with the clever use of the old film stills, and the image as seen today. The story was very well told, and john liked the humour at the end.

“Seascapes Across the UK” was shown, and John and Jill said it contained many very beautiful images. They felt the slow speed of the images was complimented by the music. They suggested the use of soft wipes as a dissolve would make the viewer look at the part of the image the author wanted to be seen. They both commented on the “outstanding quality of the images”

Judges John and Jill then watched “The Deer of Tatton Park”, which they said had many superb photos to the extent they felt they were in the middle of all the deer. They said this AV had good pace and the changes were in time with the music.

“The Magic of Flowers” was next, and John admired the superb photography. They liked the good use of different dissolves between images, and a clever use of blur. They felt, however, that the ending was rather abrupt.

John and Jill thought the music for  “Waterfall” had good pace, and the images followed well. They admired the good wide angle pan, and said the AV conveyed a feeling of power and movement.

Our final sequence in this competition as “Zulu, Coming of Age” which both John and Jill enjoyed as they said it was very different. They felt the photographer was privileged to have been at the ceremony. The photography was very good, despite the strong lighting under the bright sunshine. They agreed the music was very suitable, but regretted the voice over was rather quiet.

After a brief moment of reflection John and Jill gave out their scores, with both “Seascapes Across the UK” (by Phil Durkin) and “On Location - Bolton” (by Don Isherwood) coming in equal third place with 18 points. With 19 points in second place was “The Deer of Tatton Park” (by Richard Towell)on 19 points. The outright winner with the full 20 points was “Manchester, Centre of Graffiti” by Don Isherwood.

All the sequences were of a very high standard, and both John and Jill encouraged members to enter the L&CPU audio visual competition in December.

We thank both John and Jill for their judging and for all the very useful tips, hints and encouragement they gave during the judging process. We look forward to seeing them again later in the year for our second AV Competition.

All the scores and authors can be seen on the pdf file attached below.

Download this file (AV April Score sheet.pdf)AV April Score Sheet[ ]180 kB

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