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The Bolton Camera Club meets weekly throughout most of the year and gives a very warm welcome to visitors and new members. We have been sharing a passion for photography since 1884 and are more than happy to share with you, whether your interest is in film or digital, audio visual or more technical aspects of photography. 

Our fifth and final round of this years Projected Image Competition for members in the beginners class took place on Thursday 15th September with judge Tony Pioli ABPE ARPS from Buxton. Tony, a founder member of Chapel en le Frith Camera Club, said that whilst insects and natural history are his speciality he does not let his preferences affect his judging.

Toni said the standard of the beginners group was very high, and “some members should be in the advanced section as some images in the beginners section were better than some of the advanced images.” Toni told us that “it is important to have images that lift the interest of the audience.” 

Eight images were held back and the winner with 20 points was “All Alone” by Chris Evans. Judge Toni said it was “lovely” and “it tells a story of happiness in one child and sadness and poignancy in the other.”  The background was “good and not distracting.” 

Second place and 19 points also went to Chris Evans for “School Fun in Sudan” which Judge Toni said “the happy faces tell the story of joy and happiness” and had “caught the moment.”

The standard was so high that Toni could not separate the last four images easily. Third place and 18 points went to “Valencian Icons” by Peter Thomasson and “Deliberation” by John Durham. "Valencian Icons" was a “beautiful image” with very good reflections. There had been several images in this competition but Toni felt this was the best of them. "Deliberation” was “a good title and had caught the moment” Toni felt the lighting was “very good” and the out of focus people “added to the mood of the image.”

Here are the results and judges comments of the top three beginners images in the Projected Image Competition. The full statistics can be viewed by opening the attached PDF file below. In addition, any member wanting to know their individual scores should consult the Competition binder on display at the Club.

"All Alone"

by Chris Evans


"A lovely image. It tells a story of happiness in one child and sadness and poignancy in the other in the other. The background is good and not distracting."

20 points


 "School Fun in Sudan"

by Chris Evans


"The happy faces tell the story of joy and happiness. This image has caught the moment."

19 points


"Valencian Icons"

by Peter Thomasson


 "A beautiful image with very good reflections."

18 points



by John Durham


"A good title. This image has caught the moment. The lighting was very good, and the out of focus people in the background added to the mood of the image.”

18 points

A photograph taken by one of our members

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