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The Bolton Camera Club meets weekly throughout most of the year and gives a very warm welcome to visitors and new members. We have been sharing a passion for photography since 1884 and are more than happy to share with you, whether your interest is in film or digital, audio visual or more technical aspects of photography. 

In 2013 this club arranged 12 days out and one weekend away for the benrfit of our members. Our Annual Competition of Prints and PDI taken during a Club Day Out in 2013 was held on Thursday 2nd January with guest judge Mike Davies, the current President of Rochdale PS.

Mike had the difficult task of selecting one image as the overall winner from a selection of 11 prints and 23 Projected Digital Images. He said they were all “very good and of a standard high enough to win a competition on any other night.”

The Prints were shown first, and after a run through Mike gave his comments on each one and held three back. These were “The Lookouts” by Walter Morykin, “Museum of Liverpool” by Mike Williamson and “Climbing Out of the Deep” by Ray Jefferson. Two others were initially held, namely “Peacock Butterfly” by Ray Jefferson and “A Swarm of B’s” By Dave Leggett, but did not make it to the top three prints Mike wanted to keep aside to compare with the PDIs.

“The Lookouts” was a print of two starlings and Mike said that it had “good feather detail and a good pose. It was well taken and brought out the colour well”

“Museum of Liverpool” was “stunning” and “a very good shot” and Mike liked the way “the vapour trails in the sky emphasised the sweep of the building.” He pointed out that “the people at the side of the building gave it scale” and said  “it worked well in mono.” Mike felt that the person in white at the front of the building was “a bit distracting and did not add anything to the image.”

“Climbing Out of the Deep” was “a good print of a group of teenagers emerging from a small lagoon and climbing up a small cliff” Mike said “it had good action” and he liked the “sense of dynamics” it did not matter that you could not see their faces, and he thought “it worked very well.”

The PDI were shown next, and again we enjoyed the benefit of Mike’s thoughts and comments. Initially eight were held back namely “Bee at Beamish” by Ray Jefferson, “Flying High” by Keith Atkinson, “High Speed Powerboat” by Richard Towell, “Out in Front” by Jim Clough, “The Rocket, Oulton Park” by Paul Longden, “Helmet” by Ray Jefferson, “Zakariya Mosque” by Richard Towell and “Snipe Feeding” by Jim Clough.

After further consideration some were eliminated leaving just four images, “High Speed Powerboat” “Helmet” “The Rocket, Oulton Park” and “Zakariya Mosque.”

“High Speed Powerboat” was a “very good use of high shutter speed to keep the boat sharp and blur the water”

“The Rocket, Oulton Park” was “well panned” and Mike liked the interesting effect the angle of the panning gave to the image

“Helmet” “tells a story” and Mike said “it works very well” even though Mike could not work out if it was as seen or set up. He said “it was a simple image that holds together well.”

“Zakariya Mosque” was “a stunning shot of the inside of the Mosque and very good use of the sunlight.”

After much deliberation Mike selected the print “Climbing Out of the Deep” as the overall winner. Mike liked the way “the light was even” and “the colour of the peoples clothes and dynamics of the movement make it.”

Congratulations to Ray Jefferson for his winning print and our thanks to Mike for his comments and helpful suggestions.

A list of all the Days Out in 2013 and the titles and authors of all the images shown in this competition can be seen on the following attachments.

Download this file (Days out venues.pdf)Days Out Venues[ ]11 kB

A photograph taken by one of our members

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